Gap Analysis and Documentation Review

Our approach to quality system development can be broken down into six phases. Usually performed at the outset of a project, this phase is designed to identify discrepancies between a company's existing quality system and a system compliant with the requirements of ISO 9000 or QS-9000. This phase is also used to determine the scope of the effort required to bring current processes into conformance with ISO 9000 or QS-9000.

Comprehensive Documentation Review

Client policies, procedures and work instructions will be thoroughly reviewed and compared to the requirements of the standard to identify nonconformances.

Detailed Quality Systems Assessment

Existing systems will be assessed against quality system criteria and areas of noncompliance will be identified.

Corrective Action Plan

Working closely with key client personnel, a plan will be developed to bring areas of non-conformances into compliance with the Standard.

Detailed Report

Non-conformances will be documented along with rationale and recommended corrective actions to bring systems into compliance.

Assessment Review Meeting

Key personnel will be presented with a review of the standard, areas where existing systems fall short, and the corrective actions required to achieve certification.

See Phase II: Workplan Development