Your Access to World-Class Expertise

St. Paul Consulting is a management consulting firm focused on providing world-class consulting services to all manufacturers. We accomplish this by maintaining a fee structure that enables a wide range of companies access to expertise typically affordable only to the largest companies.

Our consultants quickly and cost-effectively deliver solutions to our clients' managerial, operational, quality and regulatory challenges. By providing only experienced professional resources and eliminating the unnecessary expenses associated with large consulting organizations, St. Paul Consulting provides world-class services without inflated fees and project overruns.

St. Paul Consulting's approach to client service incorporates a total business improvement focus, delivers personalized assistance, and results in tangible business value. Our consultants utilize proven methodologies to assist our clients' management teams in formulating project strategies unique to their culture and organization. These strategies are then supported with realistic implementation tactics that make solid business sense and result in measurable improvements.

Through specific quality and regulatory experience and skills, as well as our broader business capabilities, St. Paul Consulting is uniquely qualified to support our clients' business objectives.  Our professionals work with clients in cross-functional teams, using an integrated approach to provide broad-based management systems advice, as well as targeted technical and regulatory assistance.

For answers to your questions or for information on our services, contact St. Paul Consulting.